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  • Annual Conference “Melanoma and skin tumors” 2021

    Annual Conference with international participation “Melanoma and skin tumors” of the Russian Melanoma Professional Association was held in Saint-Petersburg on 21-22 May, 2021

  • Tumour gene expression signature in primary melanoma predicts long-term outcomes

    Manik Garg, Dominique-Laurent Couturier et al. Nature Communications 12, 1137

  • Multimodal pooled Perturb-CITE-seq screens in patient models define mechanisms of cancer immune evasion

    Chris J. Frangieh, Johannes C. Melms et al. -- Nature Genetics, 1-10

  • Screening of metabolic modulators identifies new strategies to target metabolic reprogramming in melanoma

    Cecilie Abildgaard, Salvatore Rizza et al. Scientific Reports 11, 4390