Russian melanoma professional association "Melanoma.PRO"

The Russian Melanoma Professional Association (Melanoma.PRO) was founded in 2016. Melanoma.PRO aims to coordinate the activity of the professional society members and other specialists studying the problems of melanoma, skin cancers and specialists of related industries to improve the efficiency of research, prevention, early diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with melanoma.



• To promote educational initiatives in a wide range of the audience

• To establish an extended national network of experts specializing in melanoma and skin cancer issues

• To pool together specialists from different areas – from dermatology and pathology to medical oncology and drug therapies, since the problems of melanoma diagnostics and treatment are an immense field for discussion.


We are proud to have highly qualified specialists of related medical areas as the Association members, and the speakers and opinion leaders who support our events and our goals come from various and distant parts of our large country.

We keep in close contact with healthcare regulatory authorities to promote widely the up-to-date methods of melanoma and skin cancer treatment and introduction of these methods in clinical practice of different Russian regions. Many of us stay in good contact and have long-term friendly relations with our colleagues from other countries.

The Association of specialists is open to establish collaboration and partnerships with international and national professional societies to fight together against melanoma and skin cancers.


Forthcoming Events

Last news

Annual Conference “Melanoma and skin tumors” 2021

Annual Conference with international participation “Melanoma and skin tumors” of the Russian Melanoma Professional Association was held in Saint-Petersburg on 21-22 May, 2021

Tumour gene expression signature in primary melanoma predicts long-term outcomes

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Multimodal pooled Perturb-CITE-seq screens in patient models define mechanisms of cancer immune evasion

Chris J. Frangieh, Johannes C. Melms et al. -- Nature Genetics, 1-10

Screening of metabolic modulators identifies new strategies to target metabolic reprogramming in melanoma

Cecilie Abildgaard, Salvatore Rizza et al. Scientific Reports 11, 4390

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